Unbelievable benefits of Magical Drug “Botox”

People indulge in many kinds of treatments to look good. Despite the fact that all treatments consist of chemical products they still go for it. The effect of all these chemicals occurs in old age in forms of wrinkles, skin burn, loose skin, pigmentation, blemishes and many more. Most of the time it has observed and discussed that, chemicals are bad for skin but for the very first time you can find that how a chemical can benefit the skin.

Botox is one of the popular chemicals which is used in many treatments and known as “magical drug”. But with the changing trend, Botox is no more used as the treatment of wrinkles as they are being used for various treatments including excessive sweating. People who suffer from excessive sweating get relief with this problem as now the experts and doctors use Botox injections and inject in the armpits which paralyzes the over-active sweating glands and seal some of the pores due to which people get less sweating and odor in comparison to earlier times. This enables the people to get rid of daily embarrassment. In this way, people can resolve the problem of over sweating.

On the other hand the second benefit of the Botox is in the treatment of migraine headaches. When the patient get Botox injection in their head, neck and face in every three months then the treatment and procedure will certainly reduces the frequency of migraines. The Botox makes the muscles in relaxed state due to which the muscles of neck and shoulders don’t contract and this prevents the painful headache of migraines. Likewise the Botox treatment is also used to prevent chronic muscular pains such as cramps. Botox cures many kinds of pains and give relief in many areas. So, consult doctor before going for any kind of Botox treatment and understand its advantage and disadvantages.


Let’s check what are the qualities required in a good hairdresser

Hair salon and spa are the most lucrative areas of the aesthetic industry that brings new ways to the fashion freak personalities that enables them to flaunt comfortably. People in Toronto will find lots of reputed salon and spa located in the city where most of the people go for their makeover and get latest stylish look. The professionals working in these salons and spas of aesthetic industry are hired on basis of their education qualification as well as experience. It is really very important to hire an experienced team of hairdresser to provide the clients their perfect service. The process of hiring an experienced hairdresser is not difficult but judging their talent is most important for the professional, on the basis of which the applicant get hired or rejected.

Knowledge and talent: The knowledge of hair dressing and talent are the most important thing in a good hairdresser as it enables the candidate to qualify interview and practical test. A candidate can develop both these qualities only by proper training of theoretical and practical classes.

Experience and skill: A hairdresser must have a good experience in handling different kinds of hairs, hair styles, coloring, re-bonding, pressing, pumping and many more techniques. If the candidate doesn’t have the knowledge of these techniques then the professionals must groom the particular skill in which he/she is more interested. This helps the professionals to become a good hairdresser.

Speed and perfection: The talented professionals must have the speed and perfection in their hair cut, styling and many other techniques that enables the professional to attend many customers in a day. This helps the professional to not only impress the owner but maintains the quick service of the salon or spa.

Understanding of latest fashion: A good hairdresser must needs to understand the latest fashion and its hair styling, cutting, benefit etc to meet client’s need. This helps the professional to be in touch with the latest fashion and accordingly groom client’s personality. To remain in latest fashion’s hairstyle and technique the expert need to attend the latest workshops in which the branded companies provide training to the salon and spa professionals.

Each of these qualities matters a lot to be a good hairdresser which certainly helps the salon/spa experts to hire the talented professional. Under the guidance of Chellsey Institute hair dressing experts you can ensure that you get all the qualities above and much more.

Thinking about a career in the Aesthetic industry?

Thinking about a career in the Aesthetic industry?  Good for you!  Aesthetics offers a rewarding opportunity to express your creativity, inform the public on health and beauty trends and tips, gain employment in a variety of settings including spas, hotels, cruise ships, cosmetic and beauty industry companies, teaching, and entrepreneurship.  According to a recent survey the Aesthetics industry has grown rapidly over the last 10 years and continues to experience an increase, as more and more people are looking towards anti-aging and preventative treatments, while treating existing conditions.

Role of Estheticians

Estheticians are trained to offer effective and preventive treatments to clients in areas of skincare, waxing, manicure and pedicures, makeup applications, massage and body treatments, not to mention the introduction of new products and services being introduced every day.  With proper training and credentials, Aestheticians can also under supervision and assisting in Dermatologist office, plastic surgeon office and laser clinics.

Makeup Tips for The Corporate World

Knowing what makeup is appropriate to wear for the corporate workplace is a common challenge for women.  Ladies want to look professional while at the same time still enhancing their image and confidence in a tasteful manner.  Looking professional and up to date can be accomplished with these simple tips:

  • First apply a concealer that is a shade lighter than your foundation. Using your fingertips, dot concealer under the eye where dark circles form, and tap gently to blend.
  • Find the foundation that matches your skin tone exactly. Blend with a makeup sponge and cover your entire face, making sure to blend along the jawline.
  • Apply loose powder on large fluffy brush to set the foundation and concealer, helping to give it staying power throughout the day.  You can add some pressed in same color if you feel you need extra setting. Apply sparingly to avoid caking of makeup on the face.
  • Eyebrows help to frame the face and eyes, and can be accentuated with eyebrow powder instead of pencil.  The powder gives brows a more natural color.  Brow wax or gel can be applied to the brow hair first to help set the powder.
  • Eyeshadow in neutral tines such as taupe, beige, tan and beige can help compliment the brow color and pair well with mascara.
  • Apply mascara in two thin coats to both top and bottom lashes.  Black achieves the most dramatic effect however navy blue and brown can also achieve the look as well and are gaining popularity also.
  • Now time for the cheeks. Apply a soft peach blush for olive or darker skin tone, and light pink for fair skin.  Tap excess powder off brush before applying and only to apples of cheeks. No need to keep reapplying until color is dark as it will pop once it sets.
  • A clear gloss on lips is always safe, but to add a bit of emphasis to lips you can choose a creamy lipstick shade closest to your natural lip color.


Natural makeup is best for the workplace however there are exceptions.  If you are a makeup artist or work in the cosmetic industry you would want to showcase your work and your face is the best advertisement.  Pops of color on lips and dramatic eyeliner effects can really give that extra oomph.

Choosing the best makeup schools

The style conscious people in this fashionable world are planning to make their passion as their profession. Stylish outfit, smart footwear, latest hairstyle, pretty make up are some of the important aspects on which the current generation is focusing and trying to be a part of it for long life.The keen interest of young generation in fashion industry has led to a demand of good schools in the art of fashion.

The passion of fashion seeks the attention of young ones towards the renowned makeup schools to learn the basics of the fashion and make a bright career in this profession. The major concern of fashion conscious students is to find the best makeup schools in the city. One must plan the strategy to find the best institute for further studies. Firstly find a list of good schools offering makeup courses in Mississauga city or Toronto. Secondly, you must prepare a questionnaire that will help you to find the best one amongst the popular institutes.

The questionnaire must include questions such as following:

  • What are the major factors that distinguish the school from others?
  • Does the school have specialization in offering course for makeup artistry or cosmetics?
  • Does the school conduct particle classes to groom the basic skills of makeup?
  • Does the school offers business training for freelance makeup artists? If yes, what kind?
  • Track the records of professionals or faculties do they have experience, knowledge and degree/diploma in makeup industry?
  • Does the makeup school provide valuable support for internships and job placement?
  • Does the school have recognition to provide certification for the course?
  • How big are the classes for makeup courses Toronto or Mississauga? How many students does the school accept for each class?
  • How many semesters have been introduced in the course and when does exam gets conduct?

This questionnaire will surely help you in hunting the right beauty school in Toronto to make your passion a profession. If you still don’t get satisfaction then consult to the passed out students they will give you actual facts about the makeup school in Toronto.

Finding a hairstyling/hairdressing school in Toronto

Humans are becoming more concerned about their physical appearance. There’s a huge increase in human awareness for personal beauty and care. They take care of their looks, makeup and hairstyle. You can also see the demand for qualified professionals in the beauty field. Cosmetology and hairdressing industry is continuously gaining tremendous popularity.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in hairdressing, which is dedicated to provide education opportunity, therefore it important to find hairdressing school that offers the best training programs and client experience. The classes improve professionals skills and help to progress your hairdressing career at higher level.

Beauty Course to define Your Style Your way

From ancient to present time, fashion and beauty techniques have changed immensely as everyone look for new style, fashion, hair look and hair color.

Nowadays hair school courses are becoming more popular. Every age-group people is concerned about the hair style. A good hairdresser can define a good style according to your personality. Choosing the best hair dressing school in the industry is truly a daunting task.

  • You can take the help of your friend and internet to find the various types of hairdressing courses offered by the school.
  • Always check the qualification and license of the institute.
  • Ensure that the teachers and instructors are affiliated with trusted college.
  • Always check the price of tuition fees and compare with other schools which offer hair styling courses.
  • The curriculum includes, hair design, hair sculpture, hair texture, hair design for short and long hair, cutting, thermal styling and other courses.

laser treatments Toronto school events mississauga

Different topics covered during the program include:

The school offers a full time hairstyling program, which is divided into semesters from theory level to practical techniques, where they are introduced to the basic hairstyling, salon operation and customer service.

  • They learn building a clientele and customer service
  • Analyzing hair and scalp
  • Different techniques of styling and finishing
  • How to keep health and safety in salon
  • Basic & Advance cutting and coloring techniques
  • Use of different chemical service in smoothing your hair
  • How to operate the salon or working as a hairstylist with the industry

This intense training can make you industry professional and hair expert. Hairdressing is one of the fastest growing and creative segments of the aesthetics industry, styling natural hair is in trend for fashion conscious clients.

Join Chellsey Institute of Aesthetics Make Body Beautiful

Chellsey institute of aesthetics is a premier beauty school, which is committed to teach esthetics from modern & holistic perspective. The Esthetician School welcomes you to an exciting career in beauty & well being. Highly trained instructors follow high standard of aesthetics professionalism to teach courses in class training, seminars & practical sessions. They guide & prepare you to grow, succeed & gain confidence in this flourishing industry.

At Chellsey the trained Make up experts understand that skin requires ongoing care to keep it healthy, young & beautiful. With personalized attention & comfort professionals teach the newest & updated curriculum that is currently offered in spas, Hairdressing beauty clinics, hair dressing salons, Medical Laser Treatments & Holistic Massage centers.

How will I know whether this is a possible career for me?

If you are looking forward for your career in beauty industry then, Chellsey is the perfect place for you. We are dedicated to provide quality esthetician education with highly trained instructors, comprehensive curriculum and quality skin care products.

An esthetician has the knowledge & skill to redefine people beauty by employing the required skin, hairdressing or nail treatment, all in all helping them to feel better about themselves.


Are you interested in building your career in Cosmetology?

A career in beauty therapy can lead you through number of paths, including work in beauty salons, hotels and resorts, cruise ships or in a role for a major cosmetics company.

Many beauty therapists move to start their own beauty salon to enjoy the challenges & benefits of self-employment.

Cosmetology is an ever-growing professional field that always has a need for new people with sharp skills. Individuals learn about the different parts of being a cosmetologist. In a cosmetology education, you can prepare to pursue a wide range of rewarding positions, including esthetician, makeup artist, hairstylist, nail technician, manager, and many more.

Our accredited Chellsey Institute offers diploma and certificate courses for part time and full time, which are divided into three categories:

  • Diploma in advance aesthetics

A complete program that offer you full guide in pedicure, manicure, waxing paramedical skin care, nail art, body massage & spa therapy. A professional salon environment allows students to work freely on clients under instructor’s strict supervision. It gives an opportunity to students to develop their confidence and obtain knowledge on perfecting their newly acquired skills.

  • Diploma in skin care therapist

Skin care mainly focuses on facial treatments & makeup. The program involves sophisticated & paramedical skin care which is practiced in diverse settings & using high-quality products.

  • Our Medical Aesthetics Certificate Program

It includes working on different aspects that can ensure students develop scientific knowledge & technical skills to work in the medical industry. In this courses students are trained for laser hair removal-ND-YAG and Photo rejuvenation IPL programs.

Take the first step today by calling Chellsey Institute of Aesthetics on 905-277-5706 to build a solid foundation in the journey in the aesthetics world.